Pastor Gideon Reuben


Pastor Gideon Reuben has been in a leadership role at Britwell Baptist Church since 1998. He shares his birth date with the conception of the church, confirming his call to minister here. He was appointed as the church minister in April 2006. He was mentored by the Rev Simon King who was the church moderator from 1997 – 2006.

Gideon is passionate in leading the congregation in Holy Spirit-led worship as he plays the guitar. He is a good Bible teacher, an effective leader and a gentle pastor.

He is a man of prayer and is bible based in his counselling. He places a lot of importance on foundational truths and encourages loving discipling and training. Prayer and wise deliberation has been the key to decision-making in church management

Gideon also works for the local authority as their IT Training Curriculum Manager and therefore has developed links in our local community.

His wife, Sunitha is the Coordinator for Children & Youth Ministry, Administration & Event Management. His eldest daughter, Esther is our youth leader and his youngest daughter, Evangeline actively participates in worship, dance & drama production and supports the day to day running of the church. His family fully support him in his call to serve God’s people.

The members and leaders are very fond of their minister and willingly submit to his spiritual authority.
Gideon loves his flock and upholds them by name in his daily prayer.