Tony Wernham (Leader)


Tony Wernham has been in fellowship at Britwell Baptist Church since 1983. He has been part of the leadership since 1984 and has served faithfully as the treasurer and church secretary. He has seen many ministers of the congregation and has been a faithful supporter of all their ministries.

Tony was awarded the MBE by Prince Charles in 1993 for his dedicated commitment and chaplaincy support to Holloway Prison & local church involvement while providing outstanding work to HM Customs & Excise as a VAT Trainer

Tony is loved by all the congregation and is known for his generosity to one and all as well as his openness to share the message of Jesus Christ to newcomers, strangers and passers-by. Tony is a wonderful conversationalist on a range of issues and can readily befriend people.

Tony supports the ministry during Gideon’s absence.

He has written newspaper articles for the local weeklies and serves as a committee member & Treasurer for the Northborough & Britwell Annual Carnival. He has addressed school assemblies at our local schools and more recently has been involved with scripture/Bible distribution at schools, hotels etc in the wider area of Berkshire through Gideon’s International Ministries.

Tony has developed extensive links in the local community over the years and is keen on passing on his knowledge to the younger generation. We are honoured to have Tony as a leader.