I’m 89 years old
I’m finding it difficult To come to terms with my life
How to cope with my swings of mood
One minute – I am full of courage; the next – “Why on earth am I still here?”
“How well you look today, Dorothy?” Yet I am not feeling well at all
“Well done , Dorothy” – I’m told as I struggle in and out of a taxi
Don’t they know my knee and leg will groan with pain later on?
“Thank you Lord for bringing Dorothy here for prayer time”
Thank you Lord for the example Dorothy sets us – what example?!
Dear Lord it is good job only You hear my thoughts and know my despair
And at times feel fed up and angry
89 yrs old! – I’m still here
And for what purpose?
What I have learnt Lord is: –
It’s not my decision the length of my stay on this earth
It’s Yours to decide the day you “fly” me home to Heaven In the meantime with Jesus’ help and friends’ prayers,
I need to pray and care for others
Those who need assurance of your everlasting love
Thank You Lord
Thank You, Father
Thank you for your patience
Most of all
Thank you for your everlasting LOVE
– Dorothy Bowery

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